ColumnData TypeData descriptionPackage requiredKeyData SetJoin On
Airline Namevarchar(255)Operator nameAirlines
Airline ch-a Codevarchar(3)Operator ch-aviation code (assigned by ch-aviation)AirlinesPrimary
Legal Namevarchar(255)Operator legal nameAirlines
Manufacturerchar(3)Indication if the operator is an aircraft manufacturer: yes / no / (NULL)Airlines
Locationvarchar(255)Location airport name (closest airport if not based at airport itself)Airlines
Location ch-a Codevarchar(6)Airport ch-aviation code (not a stable ID, IATA code if available, otherwise ICAO, otherwise alternative code)Airlines
Location IDint(11)Location ID (assigned by ch-aviation)AirlinesForeignAirportsAirport ID
Continentvarchar(255)Continent nameAirlines
Subdivisionvarchar(255)State descriptionAirlines
Subdivision Codechar(2)ISO 3166-2 Alpha-2 subdivision code (used for states)AirlinesForeignStatesState ISO
Metro Groupvarchar(255)Metro group nameAirlines
Metro Group IATAchar(3)Metro group three character IATA codeAirlinesForeignMetro GroupsMetro_Group
Countryvarchar(255)Country nameAirlines
Country ISOchar(2)ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 country codeAirlinesForeignCountriesCountry ISO
Country_IASA_Statuschar(1)Country International Aviation Safety Assessment program status (assigned by FAA): 0 – not assessed / 1 – Category 1 (meets ICAO standards) / 2 – Category 2 (does not meet ICAO standards)Airlines
IATAvarchar(2)Airline IATA two-character codeAirlines
ICAOvarchar(3)Airline ICAO three-character codeAirlines
Typevarchar(255)Description of operator’s primary business model (Scheduled Carrier, Virtual Carrier, Division, Cargo Carrier, Business/Private Carrier, Government, Manufacturer, Supplier)Airlines
Type Codechar(1)Operator type code: S – Scheduled Carrier, V – Virtual Carrier, D – Division, C – Cargo Carrier, B – Business/Private Carrier, G – Government, M – Manufacturer, U – SupplierAirlines
Statusvarchar(255)Operator status: Active, Start-Up, Restarting, Not Launched, Out of Business, Rebranded, MergedAirlines
Airline Infovarchar(255)Free text remarksAirlines
IOSA Certifiedchar(3)IOSA certification: yes / no / (NULL)Airlines
Offers ACMI Leaseschar(3)Operator actively offers ACMI leases: yes / no / (NULL)Airlines
Alliancevarchar(255)Alliance nameAirlines
Alliance ch-a Codechar(2)Alliance ch-aviation code (assigned by ch-aviation)AirlinesForeignAlliancesAlliance_Code
Parentvarchar(255)Parent nameAirlines
Parent ch-a Codevarchar(4)Parent operator ch-aviation code (assigned by ch-aviation)AirlinesForeignAirlinesAirline ch-a Code
Merged intovarchar(255)Operator name this operator was merged into/rebranded to (only filled if carrier has Rebranded or Merged status)Airlines
Merged into ch-a Codevarchar(4)Operator ch-aviation code of operator this operator was merged into/rebranded to (assigned by ch-aviation) (only filled if carrier has Rebranded or Merged status)AirlinesForeignAirlinesAirline ch-a Code
Charter Availabilitytinyint(1)Offers charter flights (only filled for carriers with Scheduled status): 0 -no / 1 – yesAirlines
Cargo Carrier Type Codechar(1)Cargo carrier type (only filled for operators with Type Cargo Carrier): C – Charter / S – Scheduled / (NULL)Airlines
Cargo Carrier Typevarchar(9)Cargo carrier type (only filled for operators with Type Cargo Carrier): Charter / Scheduled / (NULL)Airlines
Addressvarchar(512)Address descriptionAirlines
Cityvarchar(255)City descriptionAirlines
Address Countryvarchar(255)Address country nameAirlines
Address Country ISOchar(2)Address country ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 country codeAirlinesForeignCountriesCountry ISO
EU Countrychar(3)European Union country: Yes / No / (NULL)Airlines
Phone Country ISOchar(2)Phone country ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 country codeAirlinesForeignCountriesCountry ISO
Phone Country Codevarchar(255)Phone country dialling codeAirlines
Phone Numbervarchar(255)Switchboard phone numberAirlines
Emailvarchar(255)Generic e-mail addressAirlines
Charter Emailvarchar(255)Generic charter e-mail addressAirlines
Websitevarchar(255)Website URLAirlines
Linkedinvarchar(255)LinkedIn profile URLAirlines
Facebookvarchar(255)Facebook profile URLAirlines
Twittervarchar(255)Twitter profile URLAirlines
Stock Tickervarchar(255)Stock market ticker URLAirlines
Start-Up Infovarchar(255)Start-up information free textAirlines
Start-Up addeddateDate the start-up was added to the ch-aviation databaseAirlines
Start-Up last updateddateDate the start-up status was last updatedAirlines
Launch Yearint(4)Year the operator was launchedAirlines
Planned Start-upvarchar(255)Planned start-up quarter (formatted yyyy/qq)Airlines
Termination Yearint(4)Year the operator stopped operationsAirlines
Total Seats in Fleetdecimal(10,0)Number of total seats of all aircraft operated by the operatorFleets
Number of Aircraftbigint(20)Number of aircraft operated by the operatorFleets
Aircraft on Orderdecimal(10,0)Number of aircraft on order by the operatorFleets
Number of Enginesdecimal(10,0)Number of engines fitted to aircraft operated by the operatorFleets
Reservation Systemvarchar(255)Name of the reservation system used by the operatorPSS