Aircraft Data Feeds:

Data Feed Name Data Set Package Required Update Frequency Approximate Data File Size
Aircraft Type Data Aircraft Data Fleets As required 100 KB
Aircraft Type Codes Data Aircraft Codes Fleets As required 50 KB
Aircraft Data Aircraft* Fleets(History, Ownership, Values as additional options) Weekly each Wednesday values 3x times per year in February, June, and October 42’000 KB with all options
Aircraft Operator History Aircraft Histories History Weekly each Wednesday 27’000 KB
Aircraft Utilisation Data Aircraft Utilisation Fleets Monthly (as manufacturer reports are received) 26’000 KB with all options
Aircraft Orderbook Data Aircraft Orders Fleets Monthly reconciliation (as manufacturer reports are published), weekly update 100 KB
Aircraft Ownership & Manager Entity Data Aircraft Owners*/** Aircraft Owners (includes additional columns if you have access to Fleets) Several times per week 200 KB with all options
Aircraft Ownership Contact Data Aircraft Owner Contacts Aircraft Owner Contacts Monthly 200 KB

* Different aircraft/airline packages are available allowing you to customise your required access level.

** For technical reasons includes lessors, cargo customers, engine manufacturers, IT providers etc.