Aircraft Orders

Column Data Type Data description Package required Key Data Set Join On
Customer ch-aviation code varchar(4) Airline (3an) or Entity (4an) ch-aviation code (assigned by ch-aviation) Fleets Foreign Entities/Airlines Entity ch-a Code/Airline ch-a Code
Customer varchar(255) Customer name of ordering party (either an entity or airline) Fleets      
Customer IATA char(2) Airline IATA two-character code Fleets      
Customer ICAO char(2) Airline ICAO three-character code Fleets      
Continent varchar(255) Continent name Fleets      
Country varchar(255) Country name Fleets      
Country ISO varchar(255) ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 country code Fleets Foreign Countries Country ISO
Market Group varchar(255) Market group (Widebodies, Narrowbodies, Regional Jets, Regional Turboprops, Military Aircraft) Fleets      
Manufacturer varchar(255) Aircraft Manufacturer Name Fleets      
Manufacturer Code varchar(3) Aircraft Manufacturer ch-aviation code (assigned by ch-aviation) Fleets Foreign Airlines Airline ch-a Code
Engine Manufacturer varchar(255) Engine manufacturer name Fleets      
Engine Manufacturer ch-a Code varchar(4) Engine manufacturer ch-aviation code (assigned by ch-aviation) Fleets Foreign Entities Entity ch-a Code
Engine Family varchar(16) Engine family (i.e. JT9D) Fleets      
Engine Master Series varchar(32) Engine master series designation (i.e. JT9D-7R4) Fleets      
Engine Type varchar(16) Engine type designation (i.e. PW JT9D) Fleets      
Engine Subtype varchar(32) Engine subtype designation (i.e. PW JT9D-7R4H1) Fleets      
Aircraft Family varchar(255) Aircraft Family designation (i.e. A320N) Fleets      
Aircraft Variant varchar(255) Aircraft Variant designation (i.e. A321-200N) Fleets      
Aircraft on Order int(11) Number of aircraft on order Fleets