Aircraft Owners

Column Data Type Data description Package required Key Data Set Join On
Entity Name varchar(255) Entity name Entities      
Entity ch-a Code varchar(4) Entity ch-aviation code (assigned by ch-aviation) Entities Primary    
Legal Name varchar(255) Entity legal name Entities      
Location varchar(255) Location airport name (closest airport if not based at airport itself) Entities      
Location ID int(11) Location ID (assigned by ch-aviation) Entities Foreign Airports Airport ID
Continent varchar(255) Continent name Entities      
State Name varchar(255) State description Entities      
State Code char(2) ISO 3166-2 Alpha-2 subdivision code (used for states) Entities Foreign States State ISO
Country varchar(255) Country name Entities      
Country ISO char(2) ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 country code Entities Foreign Countries Country ISO
Country_IASA_Status char(1) Country International Aviation Safety Assessment program status (assigned by FAA): 0 – not assessed / 1 – Category 1 (meets ICAO standards) / 2 – Category 2 (does not meet ICAO standards) Entities      
Type varchar(255) Entity type Entities      
Type Code char(1) Entity type code (E: Engine Manufacturer, I: IT Provider, L: Lessor, X: Cargo Customer/Forwarder) Entities      
Status varchar(255) Entity status Entities      
Entity Info varchar(255) Free text remarks (where applicable) Entities      
Merged into varchar(255) Entity this particular entity has been merged into or rebranded to. Entities      
Merged into ch-a Code varchar(4) ch-aviation code for the successor entity as a result of a merger or rebranding Entities Foreign Entities Entity ch-a Code
Website varchar(255) URL Entities      
Stock Ticker varchar(255) Stock market ticker Entities      
Launch Year int(4) Entity launch year Entities      
Termination Year int(4) Entity termination year Entities      
Total Seats in Fleet decimal(10,0) Number of total seats of all aircraft owned by the entity Fleets      
Number of Aircraft bigint(20) Number of aircraft owned by the entity Fleets      
Aircraft on Order decimal(10,0) Number of aircraft on order by the entity Fleets      
Number of Engines decimal(10,0) Number of engines fitted to aircraft owned by the entity Fleets