ColumnData TypeData descriptionPackage requiredKeyData SetJoin On
Airport IDint(11)Numeric stable airport IDAirportsPrimary
Airport ch-a Codevarchar(6)airport ch-aviation code (not a stable ID, IATA code if available, otherwise ICAO, otherwise alternative code)AirportsUnique
Airport Namevarchar(255)Airport NameAirports
Airport Display Namevarchar(255)Airport Display Name (combination of City Name and Airport Name)AirportsUnique
Cityvarchar(255)City NameAirports
Airport IATAchar(3)Airport three character IATA codeAirports
Airport ICAOchar(4)Airport four character ICAO codeAirports
FAA/Other Codevarchar(6)Alternative airport code issued by other authorities (i.e. local civil aviation authorities)Airports
Continentvarchar(255)Continent nameAirports
Countryvarchar(255)Country nameAirports
Country ISO Codechar(2)ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 country codeAirportsForeignCountriesCountry ISO
Subdivisionvarchar(255)State nameAirports
Subdivision ch-a Codechar(2)ISO 3166-2 Alpha-2 subdivision code (used for states)AirportsForeignStatesState ISO
Metro Groupvarchar(255)Metro Group nameAirports
Metro Group IATA char(3)Metro Group three character  IATA codeAirportsForeignMetro GroupsMetro_Group
Airport Typevarchar(255)Airport Type NameAirports
Airport Type Codechar(1)Airport Type Code: A (Airport), H (Heliport), S (Sea Plane Base), M (Military Airport), C (Airport no longer in use), F (Future airport (not yet in use))Airports
Runway In Metresint(11)Maximum runway length in metresAirports
Elevation In Metresint(11)Elevation in metres above sea levelAirports
Runway In Feetint(11)Maximum runway length in feetAirports
Elevation In Feetint(11)Elevation in feet above sea levelAirports
Commentvarchar(255)Free text commentsAirports