Aircraft Data

ColumnData TypeData descriptionPackage requiredKeyData SetJoin On
IDint(11)Unique ch-aviation created aircraft data IDFleetsPrimary
Aircraft IATAchar(3)Aircraft three character IATA code (ch-aviation assigns dummy IATA codes to types for which IATA has not designated a code)FleetsUnique/ForeignAircraft CodesIATA
Aircraft ICAOvarchar(32)Aircraft four character ICAO codes, separated by “/” (since this data is built around IATA codes, there is a one-to-many relationship)Fleets
Manufacturervarchar(3)Aircraft Manufacturer ch-aviation code (assigned by ch-aviation)FleetsForeignEntitiesEntity ch-a Code
Delivery Locationvarchar(255)Delivery location ch-aviation airport codes, separated by commasFleetsForeignAirportsAirport ch-a Code
Production Fromvarchar(255)Production start yearFleets
Production Tovarchar(255)Production end yearFleets
Production Linevarchar(9)Production Line designation (i.e. A320)Fleets
MTOW (kg)int(11)Maximum take-off weight for the highest MTOW variant in kilogramsFleets
MTOW (lb)int(11)Maximum take-off weight for the highest MTOW variant in poundsFleets
Free Textvarchar(255)Free text remarksFleets
Fleet Datatinyint(1)Indicator if fleet data is available: 1: yes, 0: noFleets
Fleet Data Incompletetinyint(1)Indicator that fleet data is available but incomplete: 1: incomplete, 0: not applicableFleets
Avg HR Charter Costint(11)Average hourly charter cost in USDFleets
Market Group IDint(11)Market group ID (assigned by ch-aviation)Fleets
Market Group Namevarchar(255)Market group (Widebodies, Narrowbodies, Regional Jets, Regional Turboprops, Military Aircraft)Fleets
Engine Numberint(11)Number of enginesFleets
Maxpaxvarchar(255)Maximum number of passengersFleets
Speed (km/h)varchar(255)Cruising speed in kilometres per hour (km/h)Fleets
Speed (mph)varchar(255)Cruising speed in miles per hour (mph)Fleets
Noisecatchar(1)ICAO Noise Category Stage: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5Fleets
First Flightvarchar(255)First flight dateFleets
Cockpit Crewvarchar(255)Number of cockpit crew requiredFleets