Aircraft Data

Column Data Type Data description Package required Key Data Set Join On
ID int(11) Unique ch-aviation created aircraft data ID Fleets Primary
Aircraft IATA char(3) Aircraft three character IATA code (ch-aviation assigns dummy IATA codes to types for which IATA has not designated a code) Fleets Unique/Foreign Aircraft Codes IATA
Aircraft ICAO varchar(32) Aircraft four character ICAO codes, separated by “/” (since this data is built around IATA codes, there is a one-to-many relationship) Fleets
Manufacturer varchar(3) Aircraft Manufacturer ch-aviation code (assigned by ch-aviation) Fleets Foreign Entities Entity ch-a Code
Delivery Location varchar(255) Delivery location ch-aviation airport codes, separated by commas Fleets Foreign Airports Airport ch-a Code
Production From varchar(255) Production start year Fleets
Production To varchar(255) Production end year Fleets
Production Line varchar(9) Production Line designation (i.e. A320) Fleets
MTOW (kg) int(11) Maximum take-off weight for the highest MTOW variant in kilograms Fleets
MTOW (lb) int(11) Maximum take-off weight for the highest MTOW variant in pounds Fleets
Free Text varchar(255) Free text remarks Fleets
Fleet Data tinyint(1) Indicator if fleet data is available: 1: yes, 0: no Fleets
Fleet Data Incomplete tinyint(1) Indicator that fleet data is available but incomplete: 1: incomplete, 0: not applicable Fleets
Avg HR Charter Cost int(11) Average hourly charter cost in USD Fleets
Market Group ID int(11) Market group ID (assigned by ch-aviation) Fleets
Market Group Name varchar(255) Market group (Widebodies, Narrowbodies, Regional Jets, Regional Turboprops, Military Aircraft) Fleets
Engine Number int(11) Number of engines Fleets
Maxpax varchar(255) Maximum number of passengers Fleets
Speed (km/h) varchar(255) Cruising speed in kilometres per hour (km/h) Fleets
Speed (mph) varchar(255) Cruising speed in miles per hour (mph) Fleets
Noisecat char(1) ICAO Noise Category Stage: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 Fleets
First Flight varchar(255) First flight date Fleets
Cockpit Crew varchar(255) Number of cockpit crew required Fleets