Following the post-Covid era’s highest capacity figures in mid-April (104.2 million planned seats), worldwide capacity has now declined.  The end of May stood at 88.9 million scheduled seats, a 32% increase on May 2021 and a staggering 155% increase compared to May 2020.

worldwide capacity may 2022

Africa‘s capacity has been in the decline after reaching a peak in mid-April. It currently counts 2.8 million weekly scheduled seats, a 61% increase over May 2021 and a remarkable 280% increase over  May 2020.

africa capacity may 2022

After peaking in mid-April with 38.4 million scheduled seats, Asia has seen a significant drop and now has 28.3 million scheduled seats. This is an 8% decline from May 2021, but a 37% increase on May 2020.

asia capacity may 2022

Europe as well experienced a peak in mid-April, followed by a decline. However, 25.6 million seats are scheduled for the end of May which is a 136% increase over the end of May 2021 and a massive 305% increase over May 2020.

europe capacity may 2022

In North America, we are witnessing the same situation. Following a considerable drop after hitting a peak in mid-April, capacity levels have now stagnated. North America now has 25.1 million planned seats, a 30% increase over May 2021 and a giant 311% increase over May 2020.

north america capacity may 2022

Since mid-April, Oceania‘s capacity figures have also dropped, with 2.1 million seats currently scheduled. This represents an 18% increase over the same period last year and a massive 416% increase over May 2020 figures.

oceania capacity may 2022

South America’s capacity remained stable in May, with 4.72 million seats scheduled. Compared to the same period last year, we see an 82% increase and an incredible 702% increase compared to May 2020.

south america capacity may 2022

Based on the passenger data we’ve gathered, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 25 airlines worldwide with the highest load factors for March 2022. TUI Airways leads the list with a load factor of 88.00% while Mandarin Airlines is at the bottom, with just 12.00%.

load factors march 2022

The recent update on the worldwide capacity is available here.

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