At ch-aviation, we monitor all aircraft orders from across the globe, enabling you to track them by continent, country, customer, aircraft manufacturer, engine manufacturer, market group, and aircraft variant. With the Paris Air Show in full swing today and with numerous commitments expected, here is where global aircraft orders currently stand.

Important note: The following analysis excludes military aircraft and aircraft with an undisclosed operator/engine manufacturer/country. Aircraft data from the “ch-aviation fleets advanced” database as of June 19, 2023.

Globally, Asia leads the pack with 5,499 commitments in total, with the bulk being from customers in China. IndiGo Airlines, an Indian LCC, has the largest single-order backlog, all with Airbus. That said, the most sought-after type worldwide is, in fact, the Boeing 737 MAX 8.

Aircraft orders worldwide_continent

In terms of orders on a countrywide scale, the United States is the global leader with a total 3,147 aircraft on order. As expected, Ireland is ranked in a high 2nd place, with more than 1,247 orders placed, mostly by lessors. China, India, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, and Viet Nam are following.

Aircraft orders worldwide_countries

In terms of gauge, 11,775 narrowbodies are currently on order, accounting for 81% of all aircraft due. Widebodies make up just 12%, regional jets 5%, and turboprops even less, with just 2%.

Aircraft orders worldwide_market group

In terms of market share, Airbus commands 45% of all aircraft orders ahead of Boeing with 38%. COMAC, Airbus Canada, Irkut, Embraer, and ATR follow.

Aircraft orders worldwide_manufacturer

In terms of engine manufacturers, CFM International engines will power 6,730 aircraft on order, representing 46% of all aircraft on order. Pratt&Whitney is ranked second, followed by General Electric, Rolls-Royce, Pratt&Whitney Canada, and Powerjet.

Aircraft orders worldwide_engine manufacturer

In terms of aircraft types, the most popular is currently the B737 MAX 8, with 2,561 on order worldwide. The Airbus A320neo is second with 2,265 commitments.

Aircraft orders worldwide_aircraft variant

In terms of customers, United Airlines has the most unfilled orders worldwide, with 661 aircraft due. IndiGo Airlines, Lion Air, Air Lease Corporation, AirAsia, Southwest Airlines, Aeroflot, VietJet, and Delta Air Lines are following all follow with a combined total of over 300 aircraft on order. Take a look at the list of the top 20 customers worldwide:

Aircraft orders worldwide_customers

NOTE: COMAC, Irkut, and ATR do not publish detailed order backlogs, so the orders tracked by ch-aviation may include orders that are not as firm as they would be when publicly disclosed by other aircraft manufacturers.

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