ch-aviation is covering the ongoing war in Ukraine and its impact on both the Russian and Ukrainian civil aviation industries. Stay tuned for updates and developments as the situation unfolds.

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In terms of aerial access, all European Union member states along with Canada, Greenland, Albania, Iceland, Norway, and the United Kingdom have banned Russian aircraft, and by extension Russian airlines, from their respective airspace.

Ryanair, Wizz Air and SkyUp Airlines are the airlines that have been most affected by the closure of the Ukrainian airspace due to Russia’s invasion earlier today.

This graph shows the Market Share of the ten largest airlines in Ukraine by Seat Capacity:

With hard-hitting economic sanctions now almost certain, the following foreign lessors stand to be the most exposed in terms of potential impact. The graph below shows the Top 25 foreign lessors that manage aircraft placed with Russia-based airlines.

Here are the Top 25 lessors worldwide (including Russian entities), with the greatest exposure in Russia:

By analysing Ukrainian and Russian airline industry data, ch-aviation has managed to determine the Top Ukrainian & Russian carriers by aircraft leased:

Below is the list of foreign lessors with the greatest exposure to the Russian market in terms of the number of aircraft they have placed with Russian operators versus their overall portfolio size:

Below is the list of foreign lessors’ affected assets value, as % of their overall portfolio value. Data by ch-aviation and Collateral verifications.

We have analysed all commercial aircraft currently stored at airports across Ukraine, by family type. Kyiv Boryspil currently counts 33 aircraft stored, followed by Dnipro with nine, and Kyiv Igor Sikorsky with seven.

We have analysed all outstanding orders of Russian entities, with Aeroflot – Russian Airlines topping the list with 86 aircraft on order – 73 from Irkut Corporation and 13 from Airbus. Outstanding orders by manufacturers are as follows: