In April, worldwide capacity numbers have reached a new peak. Numbers have been steadily rising for the third month in a row now, and the global size of the industry currently counts 63.4 million seats per week.

Asia continues to have an upward trend in the number of weekly scheduled seats and is on a good path to reach pre-Covid numbers soon again. At the moment, Asia counts 32.1 million seats scheduled per week.

North America’s capacity has been steadily growing since the beginning of this year. North America currently counts a total of 17.6 million scheduled seats per week which is the highest since the outbreak of the pandemic. However, that’s still far away from reaching pre-Covid March 2020 numbers.

Europe experienced a significant increase in capacity during the first week of April due to the increased demand over the holiday period. Since then, the number of scheduled seats per week has slightly decreased but is still higher than in previous months and currently counts 7.8 million seats scheduled.

April 2021 brought a significant drop in the seats scheduled for South America, stagnating in the first two weeks of April. The current number of scheduled seats is 2.3 million. 

The number of scheduled seats on the African market continues to slowly and steadily grow each week. In April, the current capacity counts 1.7 million seats scheduled.

March and April 2021 show Oceania’s continued growth in capacity. Mid-April has reached the highest number of seat schedules since the pandemic’s outbreak and currently counts 1.7 million seats.

As of February 2021, GOL Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes from Brazil still has the highest load factor of 80.80%, making it the leader on the Top 25 Airlines list. The airline with the lowest load factor continues to be Scoot from Singapore, with 6.04%.