At ch-aviation we are tracking new aircraft deliveries of the largest aircraft manufacturers: Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, COMAC, De Havilland, Embraer and Irkut.

New aircraft deliveries rose substantially in June. Manufacturers delivered 54 new aircraft to the airlines globally – that’s almost triple compared to May, when airlines delivered just 19 aircraft. The lowest point this year was April, when airlines were accepting only 15 deliveries.

Still, the numbers are far from last year’s results. A year before, in June 2019, manufacturers delivered 135 new aircraft, so this is a 60% decrease.

After almost drying up in April and May, deliveries are on a positive trend toward recovery.

The month of May showed a small sign of recovery for new aircraft deliveries, slightly higher compared to April, but deliveries jumped substantially in June.

May was the slowest month of new aircraft deliveries for Boeing, when the US manufacturer was able to deliver just 3 aircraft – all freighters. Cargo aircraft continue to dominate Boeing deliveries statistics: in June the manufacturer delivered 7 aircraft, with 4 of them freighters. “FedEx Express” took 3 deliveries (two B767-300Fs and one 777-200F) and “UPS Airlines” took one (B747-8F). Boeing was able to deliver two passenger Dreamliners – two B787-10s were taken by “British Airways.”

Airbus managed to deliver 32 aircraft in June — 41% of the number a year earlier. Airbus may see a lot of optimism looking forward as their numbers were growing both in May and June after going downhill in spring, when the COVID-19 pandemic spread.

Deliveries for “IndiGo Airlines” played an important role for Airbus deliveries in June as this airline took 7 aircraft in one month (mix of A320neo and A321neo).

When looking at grounded fleets and capacity developments toward recovery we see China, Hong Kong and Macao far ahead. The same goes with new aircraft deliveries.

The number of new deliveries in China, Hong Kong and Macao stopped when the region entered COVID-19. There were no new aircraft deliveries to airlines in China, Hong Kong and Macao in February. After a small amount of activity in March and April, the region is on the path to recovery. Airlines accepted 9 brand-new aircraft in June with 6 of them being locally manufactured ARJ21-700s. Airbus managed to deliver three Airbus A320NEO aircraft – two went to “China Southern Airlines” and one to “China Express Airlines.”

Asia is an important region for the new aircraft deliveries – 42% of all deliveries went to this continent in 2019.

We used ch-aviation fleets advanced for this analysis.

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