A growing number of airlines across the planet started drastic fleet, network and staffing cuts in an effort to combat the economic impact of Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. Follow our updates: Airline COVID-19 capacity, network, staff cuts for 17-22MAR.

Our analysis of ch-aviation capacities shows most of the the capacity cut in scheduled flights it is not drastic and airlines remain optimistic flights to recover during Easter vacation period and will grow further preparing for the summer season.

We understand currently airline after airline is grounding their fleet or reducing capacity and we could expect further drop of scheduled flights before the end of the week. We will continue to monitor capacity situation in the beginning of next week.

We see scheduled capacity growth in Asia for next weeks which comes in line with our previous analysis showing recovery in China domestic market and growing number of active aircraft at Chinese airlines fleets.

South America, Africa and Oceania are relatively unaffected at the moment, but it is few times smaller markets compared to Asia, North America and Europe. Asia being the largest with around 40 million seats to depart each week, followed by North America (28 million) and Europe (27 million). South America is significantly smaller 5-million seats per week market when Africa and Oceania are even smaller.

We will continue to monitor schedule changes next week to understand what is the total capacity cut in different regions.

We recommend you to follow our news bulletin updated every hour to get latest understanding are the real plans for the airlines to react to existing situation.

We used ch-aviation capacities data for this analysis.

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