In times like these, you need a source you can trust.

The situation around the world is changing every day and every hour when it comes to government-enforced restrictions, increased border controls or airline decisions to reduce or suspend their operations.

We are constantly monitoring the latest updates from 4 continents now and there are 5 articles being updated with the latest information with free access to everyone.

Refresh the following articles to get updates:

GLOBAL UPDATES BULLETIN: Airline COVID-19 capacity, network, staff cuts for 17-22MAR

EUROPE: European carriers suspend ops amid increased border controls

ASIA: Asian carriers hit as gov’ts restrict int’l flights

AFRICA: African gov’ts restrict int’l ops in bid to curb COVID-19

NORTH AMERICA: North American gov’ts clamp down on int’l ops

GLOBAL (archived, updated until March 17th, 2020): Global airlines cut capacity, staff, costs due to COVID-19

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