The number of scheduled seats per week began to drop at the beginning of October and has continuously declined. The end of November saw total global capacity at 77 million scheduled seats, whereas we witnessed 81.8 million seats at the beginning of October, representing a 6% drop. Nonetheless, this is a 33% increase compared to November 2020.

Asia’s capacity numbers have been consistently decreasing since the end of October. There are currently 28.4 million scheduled seats per week, which is an almost 8% drop compared to the last week of October. Moreover, comparing the last week of November 2021 to the same week in 2020, we also observe an 8% decrease.

Africa’s capacity had peaked at the beginning of November, bringing their highest numbers since March 2020. However, the last week of November saw a new decline, with 2.4 million scheduled seats currently available. However, we can still observe a 41% increase compared to the same week in November 2020.

After reaching its peak in August 2021, Europe’s capacity has constantly declined, with a current drop to 17.5 million scheduled seats per week. Still, comparing the same weeks in 2020 and 2021, we notice a massive 158% increase.

North America’s capacity numbers have stagnated for the last two months, with a slight rise in the last week of November, currently counting 23.1 million scheduled seats. This represents a 59% growth compared to the same week in November 2020.

After a significant drop in July which has persisted up until now, Oceania experienced its highest rise in capacity numbers since the summer. It currently counts 1.08 million scheduled seats. Compared to the same week last year, we can notice a 4% drop.

South America’s capacity figures continue to skyrocket, as the continent counts 4.3 million scheduled seats this week. These numbers are the highest since March 2020 – a hefty 54% increase compared to the same week in November last year.

Mexico’s Volaris took first place on the “Top 25 Airlines with the highest load factor” list, having sustained an 86% load factor in October 2021. Scoot had the lowest load factor, with just 8%.