With our new Aircraft Order, Aircraft Delivery and Aircraft Retirement Data, you are now ahead of the game by thoroughly predicting market trends and detecting future market demands earlier than your competitors. You can now plan the future and make the right decisions based on our data. These features are an upgrade of the existing ch-aviation fleets advanced module.

After the launch of our fleets history module in December, enabling our users to go back in time, we’re now allowing them to “look” into the future.

We understand how hard and frustrating it is to get ahold of reliable Order Book data. Tracking this Data and all the changes yourself, especially in the current situation, is almost impossible. The numerous order cancellations are not making this situation any easier. Our research team has spent months researching and verifying Order book information using hundreds of different sources under the most complex circumstances. This valuable data shall help you now to plan the post-pandemic future as best as possible.

You are now able to:

  • Search for Aircraft Orders by Order Entity, Order Date, Order Cancellation Date, with Order Commentary included
  • Search for Aircraft Deliveries by Delivery Date or Delivery Dana Type, which can be Confirmed, Estimated or Actual
  • Search for Aircraft Retirement Data by Project Retirement Date or Projected Retirement Data Type, which can be Confirmed, Estimated or Minimum Until Date

Take a look at the video below explaining the new features in details and how to use and benefit from them:

Another example of how this Data enables you to plan your business’s future can be seen in the graph below, where you can see all the deliveries for European LCCs for the next ten years.


As an Airport, you want to know which Airlines are getting new aircraft in the future because that means they will have to open new routes and bases. It is straightforward for you to pull a list of all outstanding orders for any narrowbody aircraft in Europe and when they are getting delivered. That’s how you figure out when is the right time to approach an airline to convince them to base those new aircraft at your airport.

As a lessor, you want to know how the supply of a specific aircraft type is growing or shrinking in the future so you can predict how the market will look like. For lessors, it is also helpful to know when aircraft types are rolling over from one generation to another. That way, you can forecast the best timing to transition your portfolio. For example, suppose you’re now in possession of a large Boeing 737 NG aircraft portfolio, and you are looking into replacing it with the new Boeing 737MAX. Our Data will show you exactly how many Boeing 737NG’s are out there, how many will be retired and when. Then you can compare this to how many Boeing 737MAX are on order, how many are being delivered and when. That way, you can very quickly determine if that is a good aircraft to invest in or if you should look into another type instead. This will greatly help you to plan your future investments and enable you to be one step ahead of understanding the market trends.

If you want to see how to access the Data, please book a webinar here: https://calendly.com/ch-aviation-team/microsoft-teams-call.