Dear ch-aviation community, I am happy to give you another update on all features and fixes our development team has released throughout September.


  • News Tags

We have added news tags. You can now filter our news by tags. Please choose from one of many news tags in the dropdown menu and search our news archive based on it. For example, available tags are ACMI/Charter, Aircraft Orders, Cargo, Low-Cost Carriers, Out of Business, and many more. If you are interested in a specific set of tags, save your search according to these tags and use it as a search template each time you want to filter out the news.

For example, if you track cargo markets these days, choose the „cargo“ tag, and the latest news on this topic will show up.  


  • Aircraft Location

You can now search for stored aircraft by airport where the aircraft currently is located. In the „Geographical“ column, enter the designated airport in the „Aircraft Location“ field and get a list of all stored, scrapped, derelict, maintenance, etc. aircraft there. You can add multiple locations to the aircraft location search list.

  • Operator type

You can now search aircraft by operator type. In the „Operator“ column, select the desired operator type in the „operator type“ field and get a list of all airlines of that type. For example, you can choose scheduled carriers, virtual carriers, passenger charters, and many more. You can also choose multiple operator types in the search list.

  • Aircraft availability

You can now choose between Sale, ACMI, or Lease when searching for available aircraft to filter out the type of availability. Filtering by these criteria will display all data related to aircraft availability, such as:

  • Company
  • Contact Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Available for Lease/ACMI/Sale
  • Listed Date
  • Available From


  • Additional columns to search result and download files

We have added new data fields to the aircraft search results. This was done based on requests from some customers who implement our data into their own internal databases or data warehouses. You can now download Aircraft IDs or Natural IDs from the aircraft search as well.

Each aircraft in ch-aviation’s fleets advanced database has a unique numerical aircraft ID (int(11)) and a natural ID combining production line and serial number (char(30)).

Airlines and operators are assigned a unique 2-3 character alphanumeric ch-aviation code (char(3)) that remains stable unlike IATA or ICAO codes which are changing at times.

Likewise, ch-aviation assigns a unique 4 character alphanumeric ch-aviation code (char(4)) to entities that are not airlines or operators themselves, such as aircraft owners, managers, cargo customers, airline holding companies etc.

We have also added more aircraft data fields, such as:

  • Number of Engines
  • Manufacturer
  • Delivery Year
  • Manufactured Year
  • Operator Country ISO Code
  • Operator ch-aviation Code
  • Former Operator ch-aviation Code
  • Delivery Operator ch-aviation Code
  • Future Operator ch-aviation Code
  • ACMI Customer ch-aviation Code
  • Location Airport Code
  • Location Country ISO Code
  • Cargo customer Entity ch-aviation Code
  • Manager Entity ch-aviation Code
  • Owner Entity ch-aviation Code

If you want to have an in-depth tour on these new features, please book a demo here.