The load of data and information is quickly growing at ch-aviation. And now we’ve developed a new tool to access information tailored just for you.

ch-aviation PRO users now have an access to the “My Regions” tool, accessible from your profile page. You can create your own list of data searches of regions with a list of countries:

After choosing the “Add region” option you are able to define the region name and attach the countries from the list to this region. Continent filter enables a quicker search. Simply click > to move countries of a specified region.

User-created regions are available using Airlines Search (requires ch-aviation PRO), Aircraft Search, Aircraft Order Search, Utilisation Search (requires ch-aviation fleets advanced), or Contacts Search (requires ch-aviation contacts). “My regions” will be added to other searches later.

We have also created a list of pre-defined regions available to use for every ch-aviation PRO user:

After selecting a specific region (or a few regions) you will get results filtered by this geographical criteria, for whatever type of data you are searching. This personalised filtering should enable you to focus on your area of interest for your business.

These new features are now available for ch-aviation PRO subscribers.

Stay tuned for future developments of ch-aviation. We are speeding up our planned fleet data developments to deliver more data for our customers . Feel free to use ch-aviation Ideas portal to suggest new features for ch-aviation.