At ch-aviation we are constantly adding new ways to access our world-leading aircraft database. And now we’ve added another improvement for ch-aviation fleets advanced subscribers – aircraft variant pages as an additional gateway to browse aircraft data.

The Aircraft Variant page is similar to the aircraft data page, but it gives you access to specific aircraft variant information.

The newly designed page provides technical data of the aircraft variant, including maximum passengers, maximum takeoff weight, speed and noise category. Additional data columns include IATA and ICAO codes, delivery locations, first-flight date, production lines, and cockpit crew data. Specific aircraft variants also have value estimations (available for ch-aviation ownership subscribers only) and operators table:

The aircraft variant page can be accessed from various pages, including the aircraft data page, where all variants for this aircraft are now listed; also aircraft detail pages, news articles where aircraft variants are mentioned, lessor portfolios and more.

Also, you will find links to aircraft variant detail information when using ch-aviation aircraft search and also charter aircraft search, utilisation search and other fleet related searches:

These new features are now available for ch-aviation PRO fleets and ch-aviation PRO fleets advanced subscribers (some data requires fleets ownership subscription too).

Seeing growing demand for airline data intelligence in these times of unprecedented changes in the industry, ch-aviation is speeding up our planned fleet data developments to deliver more data for our customers. Aircraft histories, lease-end dates, in-seat video, in-flight connectivity and much more data is coming for ch-aviation PRO subscribers in 2020.