Seeing growing demand for airline data intelligence in these times of unprecedented changes in the industry, ch-aviation is speeding up our planned fleet data developments to deliver more data for our customers.

During the last 15 months, ch-aviation has launched several new tools and datasets available as subscriptions.

Back in spring 2019, we launched a long-awaited major upgrade to the fleets database – ch-aviation fleets advanced. It includes utilisation data, utilisation forecasts and orders information. Also, last year ch-aviation enhanced features available on the ch-aviation fleets ownership module with more detailed aircraft ownership details. And this February ch-aviation teamed up with Collateral Verifications to introduce aircraft valuation data with Current Market Values and Market Leases Rates, with immediate success.

In these times of changing market conditions, we decided to share some details on further fleet data developments to be delivered for ch-aviation subscribers in 2020.

Recently, we extended the forecast period from two to five years for utilisation data. Soon, we will also add generic estimates: utilisation estimates for the last 24 and next 60 months for the aircraft of carriers that are not sharing utilisation data with us. The dataset will include hours, cycles, average stage length and average daily utilisation per month. We understand estimates are not useful for every user, so these estimates will be clearly marked.

We also plan to introduce in-seat video and in-flight connectivity in our fleet data. We will provide indications of whether an aircraft has in-seat video per cabin and in-flight connectivity. In the first stage, it will come without manufacturers and models, but this data set will be available to use for better aircraft search and filtering.

We will provide confirmed and projected lease-end dates as well as “leased at least until” dates for all aircraft on operating leases. Also, the dataset is going to include confirmed and projected retirement dates (as well as “active at least until”).

Additionally, our fleet data will include scrapped and “stored as of” dates for scrapped or inactive aircraft. This will enable us to report the curves from initial delivery to last operation for each MSN of older programmes. Conversion dates from passenger to freighter configuration will be added for aircraft converted after the year 2000.

A new large data set will deliver aircraft histories. You will be able to get:
– Full operator history for all aircraft still active today.
– Partial operator history for 2000-2020 for all aircraft not currently active anymore.
– Times series reporting will come at later point.

We will add airline history data – exact airline operations start and end dates.

Big things are also coming to Aircraft Order search. The orders will be broken down to tail level:
– The current order backlog information will be broken down into line items with weekly reconciliation of deliveries vs. backlog.
– All fleets data fields will be filled for each ordered aircraft as already obtainable (engine choices, seat configurations, operator for lessor ordered aircraft, where already known).
– We will also provide a confirmed or estimated delivery date against each remaining aircraft on order (for now that will be only for firm orders).

We plan to deliver all these enhancements during 2020, understanding the need of quality and reliable data in these turbulent times.

We will keep our promise to deliver Swiss-quality data with easy access at an affordable price. Contact us and let‘s talk about how we can reduce your market intelligence costs during this turbulence.