It’s all about the value.

Our ch-aviation Fleet Ownership now literally brings more value to your business.

ch-aviation has teamed up with Collateral Verifications to introduce aircraft valuation data for ch-aviation PRO subscribers. Collateral Verifications is a leading global provider of advisory, technical and valuation services with an established base in aviation and aerospace markets.

Every subscriber of ch-aviation’s Fleet Ownership now has access to Current Market Value and Market Lease Rate for more than 28,000 aircraft in ch-aviation’s fleets database.

We are providing values for the following aircraft types:

Airbus A220-100/300;

Airbus A300-600R/600R(F);

Airbus A310-300/300(F);

Airbus A318/A319/A320/A320N/A321/A321N/A321NX/A321NX(LR);

Airbus A330-200/200F/300/300Regional/900N;

Airbus A340-300/500/600;

Airbus A350-900/900(ULR);

Airbus A380-800;

Boeing B717-200;

Boeing B737-300/300(F)/300(SF)/400/400(F)/400(SF)/500/600/700/800/900/900(ER);

Boeing B747-400/400(BCF)/400(BDSF)/400(ER)/400(ERF)/400(FSCD)/8/8(F);

Boeing B757-200/200(PCF)/200(PF)/200(SF);

Boeing B767-300/300(ER)/300(ERBCF)/300(ERBDSF)/300(F);

Boeing B777-200(ER)/200(F)/200(LR)/300/300(ER);

Boeing B787-8/9/10;

CRJ1000ER/100ER/100LR/200ER/200LR/550ER/700 Srs 701/700 Srs 701ER/700 Srs 702/700 Srs 702ER/900ER/900LR;


ERJ 170-100LR/100SE/100STD/100SU/200LL/200LR/200STD/200SU;

ERJ 190-100AR/100LR/100SR/100STD/200AR/200LR/200STD/300;



SSJ 100/95B/95LR;




ERJ 170-100SE/100STD/100SU/100LR/200LL/200STD/200SU/200LR;

ERJ 190-100SR/100STD/100AR/300/100LR/200STD/200LR/400;






Our valuations data gets updated three times per year, in January, May, and September. The updates are then published at the beginning of the following month — February, June, and October.

How to use it?

On the specific aircraft page we provide a new section, Aircraft Value, where we show Current Market Value and Market Lease Rate for a specific tail in USD.

Our Aircraft Search now includes the possibility to search aircraft by Current Market Value and Market Lease Rate. You can use those parameters for filtering, together with a combination with other geographical, operator or ownership selectors. For example, you can extract a list of all Airbus 319 in Europe with market lease rates under 100,000 USD per month.

In the lessors profiles the lessor portfolio now includes values of specific aircraft types, including the value of aircraft owned and managed.

The ownership sheet in the Airline profile page is also now expanded with the market values of the owned fleet for the airline:

Aircraft Valuations are available as part of ch-aviation’s Fleet Ownership package. To subscribe you also have to be a ch-aviation PRO and Fleets Advanced subscriber.

Aircraft Valuations are also downloadable if you have ch-aviation Fleets Download attached to your subscription.

Interested in trying Aircraft Valuations? Contact and you’ll get a free 14-day trial to taste the value.

We’re introducing a series of free webinars to introduce this new feature. Just grab your virtual seat and join a 30-minute introduction on how this new data can add value to your business.