The year 2019 was good to us and we couldn’t be more proud of our 2 million unique visitors!

Santa decided to visit us early — we already celebrated that milestone in mid-December. If you’re expecting a speech, you might just get one – proud work and proud people stand behind this amazing result!

An average of 10 news articles daily, 50 weekly and 350 monthly made for more than 5,000 news items throughout the year 2019. Our news was the most visited content, contributing to our success.

As a loyal supporter (thank you, thank you), you might be interested in some of the numbers we crunched:

  • October was a popular month with almost 250,000 users. The first day of the month, Tuesday the 1st, saw the most visits day for us in 2019, when we celebrated 34,555 users in just one day. This also led to the most popular week (29.09. – 05.10.2019.) with 86,313 users in one week.
  • “The most users per hour” medal goes to Sunday, November 10th at 20:00 (GMT+ 1) with more than 6,000 users!
  • When it comes to demographics, almost 1 million of our visitors are US (498,257) and UK (450,488) citizens, followed by Germany (81,711) and Canada (81,159). Top cities were London (143,705), Chicago (134,141), Ashburn (59,215) and New York (32,230).

Technology-wise, our users are mostly using our data through their mobile phones (54%), followed by desktop (39%) and tablet (7%). Almost 50% of the traffic is direct traffic, followed by organic searches (33%), referral (13%), e-Mail (4%) and other (4%).

The first month of the new year already brought more than 100,000 visitors, so looks like we’re not stopping with the celebration. Might get back to you on that very soon!