The ch-aviation news team published around 5,000 news articles in 2019. It was an interesting year for the industry with many ups and downs, airlines going out of business but also more new start-ups created.

Our world-leading airline business newsdesk is on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our editors are around the globe and our newsfeed is updated around the clock. Actually, we do not know any other source in the industry with this kind of coverage.

With 2019 coming to an end, we reviewed the most popular articles of the year.

The most-read story covers part of the unfortunate ending of Thomas Cook Airlines UK. At the same time, the articles covered new opportunities for other players: the story about what is going to happen with Thomas Cook UK’s slots was the most popular story on ch-aviation by our readers in 2019: “Scramble for Thomas Cook UK slots as Condor seeks new owner”.

Actually, the number 2 story is part of the coverage of the same saga of Thomas Cook Airlines collapse. The runner-up in the most-read story list was Thomas Cook files for bankruptcy protection in the US.

The 3rd most read story is part of another hot topic in 2019: Boeing 737MAX grounding. Back in August, we covered Icelandair’s doubts if the Icelandic airline will replace Boeing fleet with Airbus aircraft: Icelandair likely to change Boeing fleet to Airbus – report. This is the most-read exclusive article available for ch-aviation PRO subscribers only.

The 4th and 5th most-read articles reflect another interesting development of 2019: Airbus’s decision to stop A380 production. After the decision was made by the large aircraft manufacturer, we wrote quite a few articles about airlines’ reaction to this decision.

The 4th most popular article: Emirates retires B777-300s, starts A380 phase-out. The 5th most popular story was about another large airline from another continent: Qantas to retire B747 by YE20, A380 through late 2020s.

Besides Icelandair’s Boeing vs. Airbus decision, other top stories from ch-aviation PRO exclusive articles were about Singapore Airlines’ decision to reactivate the A330 due to B787 groundings, Icelandair’s lease-in of Q400 capacity, Ryanair’s plan to use a Polish subsidiary for Canary Island bases, and Pakistan’s consideration of closing airspace to India in August.

Thank you for keeping up with our updates about the airline industry. On behalf of our news team from around the world, we wish you a happy and healthy new year with continued success for your business.