We follow more than 10,000 organizations worldwide which are recognised as “an airline”. These are scheduled airlines, divisions, charter companies, virtual carriers, cargo airlines, business airlines, government companies or manufacturers and key suppliers operating aircraft for testing, production and other functions.

Some of these airlines are active, some of them are already out of business for different reasons, and almost 500 of the airlines we track in the world are start-ups (unfortunately, some of them will never start flying).

Last month, we gave you more power for airline search capability. All ch-aviation PRO users are now able to use multi-selection features which help you identify a list of airlines by type, location, aircraft or engine locations. All searches may be saved and reloaded later.

Now, we are adding additional information about the airlines we track.

Here’s the additional data fields you are able to view for the airlines:

Legal name;
Phone number;
Charter email;
Address (including city and country);
Links to the airline’s website, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter profiles;
Stock market code (if the company is listed);
Parent company (if it’s also an airline);
Historical data on any mergers (if applicable);
Charter availability;
Cargo carrier type;
Airline launch date;
Airline end data (if airline is not operating any more).

We also added some further specifics when tracking start-ups: description of the company, when company was added to our lists, when we last updated information and when the airline intends to start operations (indicated as a quarterly period).

This new airline data is available for free for all current ch-aviation PRO subscribers. ch-aviation PRO provides you with unlimited access to exclusive news, airline and airport databases.

As a new option, you are able to sign-up for the airline downloads function which will allow you to export any search results of airline data, complete with your selection of data columns. With our airline download module, our airline data is ready for instant and unlimited downloads either as Excel, CSV or JSON file. This is an optional subscription available at just EUR 200 per year. If you are interested in this, please contact us at sales@ch-aviation.com.