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Newly developed features available on ch-aviation fleets ownership


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Today we have rolled out another upgrade (of which there are many more to come!) to the ch-aviation PRO database. This most recent upgrade includes improvements to our fleets ownership module.

Ownership types are now shown with more details, for example, if the aircraft is owned by an associated company, a company itself, a government, on financial lease or other. This functionality comes together with a further possibility to filter aircraft lists by this additional criteria of “Ownership type”.

We are also now showing financing types: if the aircraft is paid in cash, on financial lease, loan, securitisation or other.

Together with these additions, we also provide the name of the entity providing financing services for the aircraft where there is one. At the same time, we split information about registered trusts – if there is one (that is known) it will be shown on a separate field from SPV.

Here’s a great example of how extended information about aircraft ownership looks on the aircraft details page:

All this data is already available for all current ch-aviation fleets ownership subscribers.

fleets ownership is offered as an add-on to the ch-aviation fleets advanced module where subscribers are able to access information regarding who owns or manages a specific aircraft, see full lessor portfolios and aircraft financing information and much more.

You are able to sign up for a complimentary two-week trial here or alternatively get in touch with an account manager at sales@ch-aviation.com to find out more about the upgrade and our new functionality.

At ch-aviation.com we are continually adding more data and improving tools which allow our users to access our data in a more convenient way. In total, our aircraft database now tracks more than 50’000 different commercial aircraft. On these aircraft we provide the following information at a serial number level: registration, construction numbers, current operator, former operator(s), delivery operator, wet/dry-lease customer (i.e. if the aircraft is on a current wet/dry-lease contract), age, seats, engines, weight, aircraft status (i.e. active, parked, scrapped, on conversion etc.). We also include information about if the aircraft is currently available for sale or lease.

Get a full tour of our ch-aviation fleets advanced and fleets ownership module aircraft data by attending one of our online demos.