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ch-aviation releases fleet utilisation data and wins Air Lease Corporation, Jetstream Aviation Capital and Sabena technics as launch customers

Swiss airline intelligence provider ch-aviation announces the launch of its long-awaited new module ‘ch-aviation fleets advanced.’ The new module has additional data on aircraft utilisation, aircraft orders and improved search functionality. The database contains information on more than 50,000 commercial aircraft. Air Lease Corporation, a leading aircraft lessor, Jetstream Aviation Capital, a turboprop aircraft leasing company, and Sabena technics, a French independent provider of maintenance and modification services, signed as the ‘fleets advanced’ launch customers. Swiss airline intelligence provider ch-aviation has launched its new ‘fleets advanced’ module which allows its subscribers to search and browse details of more than 50,000 aircraft. The database provides tail by tail information on technical features, ownership and seating, and from now on – aircraft utilisation data. ch-aviation customers will now able to get access to comprehensive utilisation data, including forecasts. “We have been providing accurate fleet data for the aviation industry for many years, and our clients recognise us as a firm they can always rely on when they need accurate and up-to-date information,” ch-aviation CEO, Thomas Jager says. “A few weeks ago, we hit a milestone to now track more than 50,000 aircraft within our database. As a natural next step, we are now launching additional and previously unavailable data on airline fleets including utilisation so our subscribers can check the flight hours, flight cycles, average stage length, daily utilisation, annual hours and cycles of individual commercial aircraft. We listened closely to what our customers need from us, and the new module is the result: I’m proud of the ch-aviation team for the hard work they undertook alongside aircraft manufacturers and operators to be able to make the new data available for our subscribers.” ch-aviation ‘fleets advanced’ subscribers have direct, round-the-clock access to a comprehensive database of commercial aircraft in which they can set the necessary search parameters to filter for the information they need. Users can access aircraft orders placed with Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, COMAC, Embraer and Irkut and newly developed searches of historical and forecasted aircraft utilisation data. Air Lease Corporation is one of the first customers to sign up to the ch-aviation ‘fleets advanced’ module. As of March 31, 2019, Air Lease Corporation’s fleet comprises of 280 owned aircraft and 65 managed aircraft, with commitments to acquire a total of 361 new aircraft to be delivered until 2024. It is one of the largest aircraft leasing companies in the world. Jetstream Aviation Capital, a lessor of turboprop aircraft to the world’s leading regional airlines based in Florida USA, will use ch-aviation ‘fleets advanced’ to assess the unique opportunities presented by the regional aircraft sector. Sabena technics is a leading French independent provider of maintenance (MRO) and modification services for the civil and military aircraft business and employs 2700 employees at 15 sites worldwide serving more than 500 customers. Read more information about the ch-aviation ch-aviation fleets advanced module here. Not a subscriber yet? Contact your account manager for a subscription or demonstration. [/av_textblock]