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Fleets Advanced: ability to search for utilisation data and aircraft orders is unlocked!

We have rolled out a major upgrade to the ch-aviation database: the new ch-aviation fleets advanced module.

A few weeks ago, the number of aircraft tracked through the ch-aviation database reached 50,000 – an exciting milestone we’d been looking to reach for some time. With information updated at least weekly, we are the proud suppliers of one of the largest and most accurate databases in the industry.

Keen to improve the data that we provide to our customers through our products, and knowing that reaching the milestone of 50,000 aircraft in the database was close, we set ourselves a new challenge: offering new, highly-valuable data to our customers, and this was the start of the fleets advanced module. The module includes the same data as is within our most popular products, with additional information relating to aircraft utilisation also included.

The information we cover in our most popular modules is already comprehensive: at the level of the serial number, our data includes aircraft registration, construction numbers, current and former operator(s), delivery operator, wet/dry lease customer (including whether the aircraft is currently on a wet or dry lease contract), age, seats, engines, weight, the status of the aircraft (i.e. active, parked, scrapped, on conversion etc.) and if the aircraft is currently available for sale or lease.

The additional information that we have made available within fleets advanced is a direct response to the information that our customers told us they’d like to see us develop. We are therefore pleased to launch a module that further satisfies the business requirements of our customers. The module will give our valued subscribers access to:

– Utilisation data (flight hours and cycles, average stage length and daily/annual utilisation)
– A utilisation forecast which allows subscribers to search aircraft by forecasted hours/cycle thresholds
– Orders placed with Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, COMAC, Embraer and Irkut. This information can be searched by either manufacturer or customer

ch-aviation fleets advanced comes with full integration to the other optional ch-aviation PRO modules, such as the fleets ownership or fleets downloads modules.

Customers have already started using the data provided via ch-aviation fleets advanced module to help shape and influence their business decisions.

You can request a free trial for the ch-aviation fleets advanced module.

Read more information about the ch-aviation ch-aviation fleets advanced module here.

The ch-aviation fleets advanced and fleets ownership modules now feature the following aircraft types:

• Airbus A300 / A310 / A318 / A319 / A320 / A321 / A330 / A340 / A350 / A380 / A400
• Antonov An-124 / An-148 / 158 / An-178 / An-225
• ATR 42 / 72
• BAe ARJ-70 / 85 / 100 / BAe 146-100 / -200 / -300 / ATP / Jetstream 41
• Boeing B707 / 720 / B717 / B727 / B737 / B747 / B757 / B767 / B777 / B787
• Bombardier CRJ-100 / 200 / 700 / 900 / 1000 / Dash 7 / Dash 8 / CS100 / CS300
• Concorde
• COMAC ARJ21 / C919
• Dassault Aviation Mercure
• de Havilland Canada DHC-6
• Dornier 228 / 328 / 728
• Embraer EMB-120 / C123 / ERJ-135/-140/-145 / EMB-170 / 175 / 190 / 195 / EMB-390
• Fokker 28/70/100 / Fokker 50 /60
• Ilyushin 62 / 76* / 86 / 96 / 114
• Irkut MC-21
• Lockheed L1011
• McDonnell Douglas DC-8 / DC-9 / DC-10 / MD-11 / MD-80/90
• Mitsubishi MRJ90
• Saab 2000 / 340
• Sukhoi SuperJet 100
• Tupolev Tu-134* / Tu-154 / Tu-204 / 214 / Tu-334
• VFW-614
• Viking Air DHC-6-400
• Xian Aircraft Company MA-60/600

Not a subscriber yet? Contact your account manager for a subscription or demonstration.