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“Who’s on the move”: appointments, resignations and position changes by ch-aviation

We are introducing a new news type for ch-aviation PRO subscribers: “Who’s on the move”.

Wondering who is moving from one airline to another? Who just joined in a top management position coming from a different industry? There’s a lot going on in industry C-suites and all these movements are now covered by ch-aviation.

“Who’s on the move” is a free addition for ch-aviation PRO subscribers with the “Contacts” module added to the subscription. Subscribers of the “Fleets ownership” module will also see news on people changes in lessors‘ management teams.

“Who’s on the move” will be added to the “News” section of current modules subscribers.

You will also be able to perform searches in the “Who’s on the move” news section. The additional search option has been added to the News search to the right of the News list.

Not a module subscriber yet? Contact your account manager for a subscription or demonstration.