A little over a month ago we added one of our most requested features to ch-aviation PRO – fleets download. We released this feature together with the big revamp of our fleets search function, allowing you – our customers – to get the most out of our datasets for perfect search results. Hearing from the people who use ch-aviation PRO every day helps us build features that make a difference in your daily work.

We are happy to say that the initial launch was very well received, and based on feedback from our users, we are already preparing small updates that will enhance the look and feel even further.

What can downloads do for you?

Let’s say your boss has a marvellous vision to expand your business to a new geographical area.

“Africa,” he says. “Let’s go to Africa!”

You’re a spare parts specialist working with B737 and A320 aircraft. So you need to know which carriers are operating those aircraft in Africa. Let’s focus on those criteria  – Continent = Africa, and Aircraft Families = A320 & B737 – and see what we get.


By the way, did you notice that we now have a multi-selection option! Yes, any drop-down menu now has a switch to multi-selection button in the upper right corner. Click it and hold Ctrl or Cmd to make your choices.


On that criteria, 258 aircraft and 71 carriers are listed.

I know you are keen to get your data downloaded and to start working on your targets, so let me get back to the topic of this blog. But one more really important detail before I do that.

To make your life as easy as possible, you can now view more data than ever before. In our standard results layout, you’ll see some pre-selected data columns, just as shown in our Africa-B737-A320 query below.

If you want to see additional data columns, easily add them to the current search results by choosing Edit Columns…


… and picking all the columns you want to see.

Do you need to see the same columns each time you perform the search? No worries! You can save a layout. Just choose your columns and click Save view as…. Give it a name and next time you need the same view, click Load view…

As for the download function itself, it is very straightforward. All you need to do is perform your search query, pick all the data columns you want to work with and click on Download…  Choose the file format and voilà! You are ready to do your work.

One thing though – you do need to subscribe to our downloads option and you do need to sign a data agreement with us prior to usage of the data. Therefore, contact our sales team at sales@ch-aviation.com and they will do the needful.