We have launched another massive round of enhancements to our Aircraft module today. Our database now includes engine details for the 38,114 aircraft we currently track in our database with over 1,000 aircraft status updates every month.

In addition, we have also introduced new search options allowing aircraft to be searched by year built (one or multiple years), by aircraft status and by database update period and type.

The new features (engine details and search options) are available exclusively to ch-aviation subscribers and can be accessed from the Aircraft module search form:

You can now search aircraft by Year Built period (i.e. all A380-800s built in 2011):

Aircraft can also be searched by Engines. You can either search by engine manufacturer (by selecting one from the Manufacturer dropdown list) OR also select a specific Engine type (i.e. CF34-10E). In the Aircraft Search results, you can now also select Engine Details as a Supplementary Information field (in addition to Former Operator(s) and Date Built).

You can click on an engine type in the Aircraft Search results to display Engine Manufacturer details with a list of all Engine Types currently tracked in the ch-aviation database:

From the Engine Manufacturer detail page, you may get back to Aircraft Search results by clicking on any of the Equipped Aircraft total numbers by Engine Type.

To search one of the over 38,000 aircraft tracked in the ch-aviation database by Aircraft Status, select a Status (Active, Inactive or Scrapped/Written Off) or a combination of Status and more detailed Substatus (i.e. all ATR 42-500s that are currently in storage):

ch-aviation can now track last database updates and additions even better with an option to specify which aircraft updates should be displayed in search results. Results can now be filtered by Update Period and Update Type (Additions, Updates or both) (i.e. Updates and Additions for carriers in Afghanistan during the last 90 days):

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