After reaching a peak in the second part of July, overall worldwide capacity has slightly dropped and now stands at 83.3 million scheduled seats per week. When compared to the same week in August 2020, capacity increased by 38% in August 2021.

After reaching its peak in July, Asia’s capacity dropped in August, with a minor increase in the last week of August. Currently, Asia has 30.8 million scheduled seats, indicating a 9% growth over the same week in August 2020.

After a period of steady expansion from May to the beginning of August, capacity numbers in North America have begun to decline. At the end of August 2021, 22.6 million scheduled seats are available. We may see a 69 % rise when compared to the same week in August 2020.

Europe has maintained a steady growth rate, increased capacity and reached a new record this year with 22.8 million seats scheduled per week. Since the covid outbreak, this number has reached an all-time high. When compared to the same week in August 2020, this indicates a 42% increase.

South America’s capacity has grown again in the last week of August 2021, with 3.6 million planned seats per week, following a slight drop at the beginning of the month. South America is a major example of a market rebound with considerable growth in capacity in August 2021, up to 232% compared with August 2020.

With 2.3 million scheduled tickets per week in the last week of August 2021, the African market has built a steady road to market recovery. We may notice a 91% rise in comparison to the same week in 2020.

Oceania’s capacity figures have significantly dropped after a period of continuous expansion up to June, with a major decline in early August. In the last week of August 2021, there are 1,1 million scheduled seats, up 85% from the same week of August 2020.

Chukotavia from Russia has the greatest load factor of 98% as of June 2021, leading the “Top 25 Airlines with the highest load factor ” list. Tigerair Taiwan, with a load factor of under 5%, is the airline with the lowest load factor.