ch-aviation announces cooperation with Haaga-Helia University, a strong, business-oriented university of applied sciences, providing access to more than one hundred Aviation Business Administration students. The new partnership with the Finland-based university provides students with access to the ch-aviation database and supports them throughout their studies.

“If you are educating the airline managers of tomorrow, you want to give them the tool that the industry is using today. That is how you equip your students for success today and tomorrow,” ch-aviation CCO and co-founder Max Oldorf said. “I’m happy to provide students with insights on the industry and a database which can give them first-hand information. Not only theoretically, but also practically.”

Dr. Miquel Alimbau-Comas, principal lecturer in aviation at Haaga Helia, explains: “The degree program, Aviation Bachelors in Business Administration, offers an inspiring and unique learning environment. The learning process takes place in multicultural teams in meaningful and challenging business projects commissioned by aviation organizations, helping the graduates to develop strong professional skills in the airline business, airport business, and air cargo. The commissioner contacts help students build their professional networks, a professional mindset, and motivation to grow during the studies, which is key to their employability.”

The ch-aviation database covers a wide range of airline-related data, which will benefit daily study activities, seminars, and projects students work on. Besides the exclusive news, Haaga-Helia students will have access to detailed production lists and aircraft details for more than 57,000 aircraft, which will help them run detailed analysis on the market. They will also have access to lessors’ portfolios, customer lists, special-purpose vehicles (SPVs), management companies, lessors’ senior management contacts, and the information in the reservation systems used by airlines. Haaga-Helia University will provide students access to detailed airline schedules and capacities on particular routes.

By mastering the ch-aviation database, students will be well prepared to fulfill their dream of joining the industry’s biggest names since many airlines, airports, finance and leasing companies, and other aviation industry stakeholders use data provided by ch-aviation daily.

About Haaga-Helia

Haaga-Helia is a strong, business-oriented university of applied sciences in Finland. Through education, research, and development, it prepares professionals for businesses and service industries. Haaga-Helia supports students’ professional growth by offering a vast network of international partner universities and close connections to working life. As a result, its graduates are highly valued in the job market. Haaga-Helia offers 23 bachelor’s degree programs, out of which ten are conducted in English. The degree can be conducted full time or part-time as a traditional or multiform learning program in Finnish and English. Depending on the study program, the degree’s scope is 210–240 credits, which takes about 3,5 – 4,5 years of full-time study.