ch-aviation has reached another exciting milestone with the launch of our new ch-aviation fleet ownership module.
ch-aviation fleet ownership is offered as an additional module to ch-aviation fleets. See who owns or manages a specific aircraft, see full lessor portfolios and aircraft financed through an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle). ch-aviation ownership gives you the full insight.

We track over 320 different aircraft owners. You can search them with specific parameters such as geographical location, aircraft or engine types, number of aircraft in portfolio and much more.

We provide you with aircraft legal owner details such as the specific types and quantity of aircraft they own or manage, as well as the average age of their portfolio.

  • Drill down on a specific type and find information on the specific serial numbers, aircraft status, aircraft manager, owner and SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle).

Each aircraft type within the aircraft legal owner’s portfolio can be further researched down to serial number, aircraft model, current registration and status. The list will also show details on aircraft legal owner, manager and SPV.

  • See with which Airlines an Aircraft Owner has its aircraft placed. Access the different aircraft types and the specific aircrafts within seconds.

  • Get a full overview of the used SPV’s and the specific aircraft located within it. Everything ready for a quick drilldown to identify specific aircrafts.

  • Contact the Senior Managers of the Owner through our Aircraft Legal Owner Senior Management contact database.